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Monday, September 12, 2011

Today started off with Lori doing dental work for the children at Sue's orphanage, workers, and many others. Kate did a medical clinic for them and Lydia entertained the children that weren't having school by painting finger nails and toes enjoying a snack of chocolate covered pretzels. We then made our way up through mountain to the U.N. center enjoying the company of the doctors there from Nepal along with multiple others. They even had an air conditioning which helped cool us off for a few hours. We played a game of pool, at which I lost and were served a Nepal recipe of chicken and rice krispies, fresh carrots, apples and coffee or tea. We even got to meet the 2nd in command. Must have made a great impression, for they invited us back for a "better meal" and/or to go swimming in the waterfall. We got beautiful pictures of the sunset as we came down the mountain making a perfect ending to a wonderful day.

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  1. Wow cool! :)Thanks for the update, Katie!

    P.S. I saw an awesome pic of you the other day when I was looking at pics I took during the last trip to Haiti... The caption below it said "hand check" lol Remember that? haha good times!