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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hi from Michel
The team arrived safely. I am doing my best to make them feel as uncomfortable as possible. Hopefully they will all arrive hoHi me in one piece. OK Michel has just wandered away. No surprise to any of you who know him. So now, words of wisdom from Ruth. Hi how are you doing. Misss you guys. Everything is good. And ready to work. Dumb Dumb. We are trying to figure out how to stay cool here. Have any of you taken a moment to step away from the Packer game to look at the temp. here>it is crazy hot....here is from Lori. That is going to be a first and I am still admitting to it! Hot. Hot. Hot. 15 kids at Sues at trying to fall asleep and a few bugs are falling around Lydia. Can't figure our why they like her more than anyone else. The rain came and and it is going to cool off us, but we have some major news. We started a new business tonight. Ruth is going to run it while we are gone. She will be ready to teach each of you how to make the special crayons that are under production at the moment. Yes, you too can melt a hundred crayons after peeling paper off and putting them in bags in the sunshine to melt. Yes, it does work. They melted and then placed in empty toothbrush boxes to form a beautiful new multicolored crayon. A wonderful work of art and quite entertaining for all around. Did I mention mess???? OK, more on that tomorrow. Love to all in the good ole home land.

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  1. Ah! I miss you guys and Haiti so much!! Sounds like great fun...its too cold here...I think I'm gonna come join you guys! I like it hot! :)Lydia and the bugs...oh man... :P Way to go, Ruth! Dumb dumb is ready to help make crayons! ;) haha

    Thanks for the update! Keep posting!! :D