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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where is home

Arrived back in the USA tonight. Thanks to the rides that were available, to the prayers that carried us, and to the Lord who guided and directed the journey. I left Haiti and realized how much of me stays there. It has become so familiar to me that the home away from home comfort and peace of that island instantly hits me ONCE I leave the airport. Anyone reading here can continue to check in on things. Katie has remained with "Grandma Sue" and will be updating often. Words never fully express the things we experience there, but they may capture you for a few moments and take you to a place that seems unreal to many. Our hearts continue to feel for the wonderful people of Haiti. Our hope is their lives are richer because we have been there. Our belief is that God can do even more than we could ever imagine for them. Lori

Monday, September 19, 2011

Only a few more days....

Well we are coming to the end of this trip. And we all agreed that we're starting to feel it in little ways.... it's a little harder to get out of bed, a little harder to keep going during the day, a little harder to stay up at night... etc. ;) But we're definitely still "going" because we are not done here!

Today was another full day of clinics for Lori and Kate. Started at 7 and didn't get done till about 5. I'm always amazed by those 2! They have a whole lot of endurance.

Me and Katie found various other "jobs" to keep ourselves busy. :) Katie painted filters aaaaall morning long while I did my best to keep Olivia occupied. We went on little "walks" (usually around the house) visited at the clinic, took lots of pictures, played with my ipod, etc. ;) Then after lunch Katie took a much deserved rest and I took over painting filters.

Overall a busy day but yet more relaxed than the others have been since we stayed here at the Rollings the whole day.

Tomorrow is our very last full day in Haiti.... definitely mixed emotions for me! Excited to see my family and be home again but I never like leaving. :/ But on the bright side, I know I'll be back! ;) Which definitely makes the goodbyes easier. :D


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday in Haiti

I have just a moment to update before the meeting starts for the missionaries in the area this afternoon. We have returned from a church service where I could understand they were talking from the book of Daniel and had an incredible ride that proves one does not need to go to amusement parks to get a thrill like that! Ok, more later. Lori

Saturday, September 17, 2011

An emotional day....

Well after much thought and discussion, we decided that on our "day off" today we would visit the hospital in St. Marc to visit with the patients and try to bring some encouragement! So we got there around 10:30 and started our "visiting" in the pediatric section of the hospital. Idk how I can paint an accurate picture of how things were... Of course the physical conditions were not at all what they are at a hospital in the states. There was 1 doctor in that section, only a couple nurses, and 1 civilian helping as well. We talked with the doctor who is actually a doctor from the States. He travels back and forth and works 6 months at a Childrens Hospital in Boston and 6 months at the St. Marc Hospital. Idk what they do when he's gone. :/ Anyways we started out with a little boy who the doctor mentioned would like some visitors. After talking and praying with him and his family we came back out to the main hall. There was a burst of activity in the hall and a lady walked by with a new (and I mean like VERY new) baby! At first we were excited and happy to see it... then she pulled back the blanket and our outlook changed pretty quickly. The baby had some MAJOR health problems. Her heart had grown outside of her chest. Not to mention most of her organs were not where they were supposed to be or had not developed fully. They called the doctor and he brought the baby to the table. Kate went over to see if she could help (she works in surgery here in the states) but the doctor explained that there was nothing they could do. :( Even in the states they could not have saved this little girl. The most they could have done would be to do surgery and give her a little more time. The dad and a few other relatives came up to see her and they took a picture of her. I've never felt so helpless in all my life! There's something really crushing about watching a precious little life die. I know this may be a very depressing post... but there is a bright side to it. This baby... that was so unfit to live and survive in this world, is now in the arms of Jesus! Whole and complete and happier than she ever could have been here. She will not have to go through any more pain, or suffering, or any kind of hardship. Jesus wiped away her very last tear!! I don't know about you all, but I know I could not have handled a story like this little babies WITHOUT Christ, and the hope He brings. I'm so thankful to be His child!

Well the rest of our hospital visits were a bit better though still not easy. It was an emotional day and we all had our little "breakdown moments" afterwards.

This afternoon Al and Bev, some friends of Chris and Leslie's who run a Children's Home nearby, brought some of the kids over to go swimming and visit! We had a good time talking and enjoying the wonderful warm ocean water. :) Now we're all relaxing with Chris and Leslie and drinking yuuuuuummy banana shakes! I HAVE to make these again when I get home. ;)

While here at the clean water project we feel very cared for. The meals are amazing and the quiet restful nights are just a great ending to a busy day. Actually at this moment eggs and bacon are cooking and we don't feel like we are in Haiti. For a minute. Then the real life begins. here we go.....

Friday, September 16, 2011

First day at the water project! :)

Well here we are at the Clean Water for Haiti project! :) We got in last night at about 5. This is definitely one of my favorite places to be in Haiti! It's right out on the ocean and also quite a bit cooler than PAP. ;) Our schedule for the next couple of days will be something like this;
Clinics today from 7 to 2 (painting filters, playing with Olivia, etc during this time for those of us who are not medical. ;)
Tomorrow is free time.
Sunday church and free time.
Monday clinics from 7 to 2.
Tuesday clinics from 7 to 2.
Wednesday we leave bright and early for the PAP airport.

The Rollings have an awesome mission going here and it's great to be able to help them with their connections in the community by doing these clinics here. They're able to provide health care for their workers and also the workers families!

More later! :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last day in Port au Prince

Well Lori wrote something about our last couple of days with the kids. And I'm going to add to it just a little..... well ok maybe a little MORE than a little. ;)
Our "plan" was to leave at about 8 in the morning on Tuesday to go to the land that Lori is hoping to get near Montrouis. Well as most of you know plans don't always work out just as you think they will here in Haiti. :P We got on the road at about 9 only to find that about 30 minutes into the trip, the main highway that we were driving on was blocked by protesters! And no not with cones or tires or signs or anything like that.... they had WELDED some big machinery to the road!! lol wow. So with that being the case, we decided to head back and wait it out for a few hours to see if it would be removed in time to stick with our plan for the sleepover that night. So back to Port au Prince we went to get something to eat and wait to hear news. By 3 o'clock, it was still blocked. :/ Michel called the kids at the church and the guy there told him that all the kids were praying together that the road block would be removed! They were so excited about this trip and we all felt pretty bad that it wasn't going to work. :/ Well we got to the church where they had all met up to leave at about 4, to talk with them and explain the situation. We told them that instead of the sleepover we would just go to Montrouis the next day and go swimming and such, then come back. Well at about 5:30 We got news that the road was un-blocked! Answer to prayer yes but by this time most of our team was exhausted from driving all day and NOT wanting to drive another 2-3 hours depending on traffic. :P But, they were troopers and we all loaded up and headed out! We got there at about 11 and headed to bed as soon as things were ready. :P We got up bright and early in the morning, and had a wonderful time singing and doing devotions with the kids. Michel asked us if one of us would share something so I asked if I shared one of my favorite verses and what it means to me, if some of the kids could do the same. That worked out really well and it was really neat to have that sharing time with them and hear what they had to say. :) :) After breakfast we headed to the ocean!! ahhhh it felt AMAZING to jump into the water and finally cool off!!! :) We swam for 2 hours straight and I had an absolute BLAST! :) :) During the swimming time Kate and Lori had opened it up to the kids that if any of them needed to talk about anything going on in their lives, they could come to them and do that. Many of them did and it was neat/heartbreaking to hear the stories. :( Many of them are my age and when I think about being in those same situations... I cannot imagine. But I am glad we were able to find these things out about them as it gives us a lot more specific ways to pray for them! And pray we will and also ask you all to do the same. They have so many challenges ahead of them as they grow up. So different from the challenges in my own life and in yours. But we serve a big God who is going to use them as they surrender they're lives to Him, to do BIG things for His kingdom!

Today, we're heading to heartline this morning, then to the Rollings water project for the remainder of this trip! Pray for safe travels for us! :)


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Home again Home again jiggety jig....that is how the past two days felt on the journey with the youth from Michel's church. Unexpected is always the norm here. Had a wonderful time at the ocean and learning more about these kids and their lives and hopes and dreams. Such a familiar thing and yet such a hard thing. How many of them will be able to obtain those goals? How hard it is in a place like this. We have to be reminded of the world around us outside our little box called America and what challenges there are for millions. If we can continue to touch one more and reach out to another we have succeeded. Please pray that we can one by one be the hands and feet and heart of Christ. Please pray we do not get discouraged and overwhelmed by the flat tires or the late schedules or the constant changes. We do this as a team with you who follow and uphold us on the journey. We are grateful. Lori

Monday, September 12, 2011

Today started off with Lori doing dental work for the children at Sue's orphanage, workers, and many others. Kate did a medical clinic for them and Lydia entertained the children that weren't having school by painting finger nails and toes enjoying a snack of chocolate covered pretzels. We then made our way up through mountain to the U.N. center enjoying the company of the doctors there from Nepal along with multiple others. They even had an air conditioning which helped cool us off for a few hours. We played a game of pool, at which I lost and were served a Nepal recipe of chicken and rice krispies, fresh carrots, apples and coffee or tea. We even got to meet the 2nd in command. Must have made a great impression, for they invited us back for a "better meal" and/or to go swimming in the waterfall. We got beautiful pictures of the sunset as we came down the mountain making a perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Day 5

Well our previous plans to visit the UN did not work out.... as we were climbing the mountain our tap-tap broke down and we were unable to continue. :( So after walking back down to the bottom they got the tap-tap going and we got a ride home. Not sure if we'll have another chance to go while we're here. I hope so but we'll see!

Yesterday we went to Michel's church in PAP for the service. It was awesome seeing old friends there and worshipping with the Haitians. There was a guest group of about 20 young girls there and they did some special music which was incredible! They were very talented. :) I was also given the opportunity to do some music so we did Held (by Lori's request) and Revelation Song. For the Revelation Song me and Michel sang it in English and then to end it his choir kids, and whoever else knew it, sang it in Creole! How awesome to be able to praise the very same Lord in all different languages!! :) He really is an amazing God.

After church we were hoping to visit Heartline which is a midwifery clinic here in Haiti. Unfortunately the roads were closed to get there because of a water issue but we happened to run into one of the head guys of the ministry on the road, and he brought us to his house to meet his wife Beth who runs the midwifery program. It was great talking with her and learning more about their ministry! They really invest in the women there and change a LOT of lives!

Today, Kate and Lori are doing clinics with the kids here at Sue's. Katie is doing some schoolwork with them, and I'm going to go set up snack time for them and paint the girls nails. ;)


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 3 in Haiti-

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well! Sounds like you guys have some nice weather there. :P 90+ weather is not my favorite but it's worth it to be here. :)

Yesterday we decided to escape some of the heat for a little bit and head to Montrouis, Haiti which is a whole couple degrees cooler. :P But we'll take it! ;) We stopped first at the Rollings water project to pick up some medical supplies that we left there last trip. It was great to see them again and to hold their beautiful new baby boy! :) We will be heading their way next week to stay there for a few days. After we visited for a bit there, we headed to our next stop, the pink palace orphanage! It was great to see some familiar faces there as well as some new ones too. :) So after playing and talking with the kids for a bit it was time to head to Michel's house so he could grab his guitar and a few other things. For those of you who were with us on the last trip you'll be amused to know that we came across Ich again! lol That little guy shows up faithfully every time we come around. :)

Today, We'll be heading to another orphanage in Port au Prince where Lori is going to do some dental work. Our plan is to be back at Sue's by noon because we're going to the UN base for dinner tonight!!!!!! Everyone is very excited about that. ;) How did we get this invitation?? Well it just so happened that Lori was sitting right next to a UN guy on the plane and he convinced Lori to come for a visit. Of course he didn't have to twist her arm too much... ;) So those are our plans for today!

Hope you are all doing well and we'd appreciate prayer as we continue on here in Haiti.
That God would guide us to the places he wants us to be and to the people he wants us to minister to. And that we would constantly be reminded of why we are here and who it is that we are serving! Our Lord Jesus Christ!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hi from Michel
The team arrived safely. I am doing my best to make them feel as uncomfortable as possible. Hopefully they will all arrive hoHi me in one piece. OK Michel has just wandered away. No surprise to any of you who know him. So now, words of wisdom from Ruth. Hi how are you doing. Misss you guys. Everything is good. And ready to work. Dumb Dumb. We are trying to figure out how to stay cool here. Have any of you taken a moment to step away from the Packer game to look at the temp. here>it is crazy hot....here is from Lori. That is going to be a first and I am still admitting to it! Hot. Hot. Hot. 15 kids at Sues at trying to fall asleep and a few bugs are falling around Lydia. Can't figure our why they like her more than anyone else. The rain came and and it is going to cool off us, but we have some major news. We started a new business tonight. Ruth is going to run it while we are gone. She will be ready to teach each of you how to make the special crayons that are under production at the moment. Yes, you too can melt a hundred crayons after peeling paper off and putting them in bags in the sunshine to melt. Yes, it does work. They melted and then placed in empty toothbrush boxes to form a beautiful new multicolored crayon. A wonderful work of art and quite entertaining for all around. Did I mention mess???? OK, more on that tomorrow. Love to all in the good ole home land.