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Monday, October 3, 2011

I pray for rain almost daily in hopes that it would help decrease the humidity, but when that rain comes it doesn't help and the next day is just as hot as the last. But on the way to church yesterday I realized that praying for rain wasn't helping the heat and only making it harder for the people that live here in Haiti. I thought about all the people still living in a "tent city" and tried imagining what it was like for them as we were driving down the road in what almost looked like small streams as people hurried out of the way to avoid their best Sunday clothes from being soiled from the flying dirty water. The look on people's faces as they turn their backs toward the road to avoid the water, hoping that someone will still come to buy whatever items they have to sell from their stand throughout the day. At one point during the drive to church I saw a man with suit on holding his shoes and socks in one hand, Bible in the other walking through the water with his pants rolled up to his knees determined to make it to Church. I remember the smell that fills the air when the rain starts and think of all the people going without a warm meal because their fire in which they cook on has now gone out, praying that their family may have found something to suppress their hunger. I have no longer prayed for rain to help with the humidity. I have prayed that the rain will help water the soil, benefit the animals, and be used by the people need it be for bathing, cooking, and even drinking.