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Saturday, June 2, 2012

We are all home in our US residences once again.  The journey was wonderful and the team amazing.  We did work hard -although some of the most fun pictures are with our friends in Haiti.  Sharing time with the youth does rank very high on the list, and it truly is a blessing to be part of their lives.  Tim and Matt had some good teaching time with them. I was quite impressed when a few days later they were asked what they learned and they could list off exactly what the teaching was.  Brandon came on not knowing any of us and yet fit in just perfectly.  His laugh and wisdom were a big part of who we were as a team-and we can't wait to see him again.  Jerry was incredibly busy with camera in hand.  The photos will be shared as they will capture so much that we were too busy to see.  Dave and Karen Smith had to depart early, and we felt their loss heavily with them.  Deborah and Sarah were helpful on every request.  Those two can move stones and shovel dirt like none other. Denise was a huge asset to the dental team work and a joy to have the island time with.  We put in some veryyyy long days.  Carrie and Alisha have to sign up for every trip now too-as the nursing and non nursing (note ballet) skills were incredible.  Always the next question, when do we go back?  I hope to determine this soon.  Some may want to reserve time in January and make it then...you are all a part of helping the people of Haiti.  It is so much more than physical healing we offer, and the eternal things we pray are most prominently left with them, our Haitian friends and family.