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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Real Life

Being here makes me miss the real life in Haiti.  Only the very elite will pass through the gates here. Our little beat up truck is quite out of place in the parking lot. 

So this lovely view under the palm tree I share with you my friends. Wish you could feel the sand under your feet and the waves lap over you so warm and gentle today.  

Over night life changes as we head back home. Embrace us as we will have many moments of reverse culture shock. Thanks again for standing in the gap.  

Lori for the team


It becomes bittersweet the morning of the last day. Our friendly Haitian rooster reminded us all night long. Notice how proudly onto our wall he crows. Right next to the breadfruit tree with a banana tree in background.  

Finished clinics and packed supplies.  List made for refill items.  So many sick people. Sadly we cannot see all.  Pray the medications do more than we can imagine. That the community of McDonald will be blessed. 

Today is a special day.  Taking team and interpreters to beach.  Real food and ocean time.  Yes.  Granola bars and summer sausage are not on menus for this day. 

Thanks for being part of the team with us. Wish you could join our beach day.   

Lori for the team 

Friday, July 4, 2014

A room with a view

It seems so peaceful this morning after a day of seeing so much pain and poverty. A new concept for P&P. 
The man whose legs had such weeping wounds, skin decay and toes hardly recognizable sat during wound debridement with such joy as he was finally getting the help he probably thought he never ever would.  
As the smell of the process lingered throughout the day and into the night, it was a constant reminder to pray that The Lord would heal this man because the limited resources and my inept ability certainly would do very little.  Please pray for The Lord to heal this man's legs.  
Carol for the team

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The clinics are a very cool thing to experience!!! I counted pills most of the time!!! Ashley and I played with the kids a lot it really made me appreciate being able to grow up in a stable Christian home!!! Thank you mom and dad for always being there for me!!!

When we got here in Haiti the first thing that hit me was the heat!!! Then on the way to the house we stayed at we rode in one of the taptaps, they drive like crazy!! The next few days we were here we did clinics and I will b writing moor later

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Busy, Priceless, Amazing

Had a chance to catch up more. Clinic days are very busy. Great renewing old friendships and helping the pastors with their communities. Making new fiends and seeing the team interacting and loving on all age groups. The smiles are totally priceless.

Simple things are the most fun. Balloons and coloring and little cars and gifts. Amazing supplies that have many days to hold out yet. Fun singing together and praising.

Our time is half over and that saddens me. Will hope to have someone else update later.

Thanks for caring. Team knows and feels your prayers.