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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 3 in Haiti-

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well! Sounds like you guys have some nice weather there. :P 90+ weather is not my favorite but it's worth it to be here. :)

Yesterday we decided to escape some of the heat for a little bit and head to Montrouis, Haiti which is a whole couple degrees cooler. :P But we'll take it! ;) We stopped first at the Rollings water project to pick up some medical supplies that we left there last trip. It was great to see them again and to hold their beautiful new baby boy! :) We will be heading their way next week to stay there for a few days. After we visited for a bit there, we headed to our next stop, the pink palace orphanage! It was great to see some familiar faces there as well as some new ones too. :) So after playing and talking with the kids for a bit it was time to head to Michel's house so he could grab his guitar and a few other things. For those of you who were with us on the last trip you'll be amused to know that we came across Ich again! lol That little guy shows up faithfully every time we come around. :)

Today, We'll be heading to another orphanage in Port au Prince where Lori is going to do some dental work. Our plan is to be back at Sue's by noon because we're going to the UN base for dinner tonight!!!!!! Everyone is very excited about that. ;) How did we get this invitation?? Well it just so happened that Lori was sitting right next to a UN guy on the plane and he convinced Lori to come for a visit. Of course he didn't have to twist her arm too much... ;) So those are our plans for today!

Hope you are all doing well and we'd appreciate prayer as we continue on here in Haiti.
That God would guide us to the places he wants us to be and to the people he wants us to minister to. And that we would constantly be reminded of why we are here and who it is that we are serving! Our Lord Jesus Christ!


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  1. YOU SAW ICH?! AWW!!! :D THAT'S AWESOME!!! Miss that little guy so much!

    Going to the UN base sounds amazing...yeah I'm super jealous...ah! I hope you guys are taking some photos...

    Praying for you all!