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Friday, September 16, 2011

First day at the water project! :)

Well here we are at the Clean Water for Haiti project! :) We got in last night at about 5. This is definitely one of my favorite places to be in Haiti! It's right out on the ocean and also quite a bit cooler than PAP. ;) Our schedule for the next couple of days will be something like this;
Clinics today from 7 to 2 (painting filters, playing with Olivia, etc during this time for those of us who are not medical. ;)
Tomorrow is free time.
Sunday church and free time.
Monday clinics from 7 to 2.
Tuesday clinics from 7 to 2.
Wednesday we leave bright and early for the PAP airport.

The Rollings have an awesome mission going here and it's great to be able to help them with their connections in the community by doing these clinics here. They're able to provide health care for their workers and also the workers families!

More later! :)

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