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Monday, September 19, 2011

Only a few more days....

Well we are coming to the end of this trip. And we all agreed that we're starting to feel it in little ways.... it's a little harder to get out of bed, a little harder to keep going during the day, a little harder to stay up at night... etc. ;) But we're definitely still "going" because we are not done here!

Today was another full day of clinics for Lori and Kate. Started at 7 and didn't get done till about 5. I'm always amazed by those 2! They have a whole lot of endurance.

Me and Katie found various other "jobs" to keep ourselves busy. :) Katie painted filters aaaaall morning long while I did my best to keep Olivia occupied. We went on little "walks" (usually around the house) visited at the clinic, took lots of pictures, played with my ipod, etc. ;) Then after lunch Katie took a much deserved rest and I took over painting filters.

Overall a busy day but yet more relaxed than the others have been since we stayed here at the Rollings the whole day.

Tomorrow is our very last full day in Haiti.... definitely mixed emotions for me! Excited to see my family and be home again but I never like leaving. :/ But on the bright side, I know I'll be back! ;) Which definitely makes the goodbyes easier. :D


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