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Saturday, September 17, 2011

An emotional day....

Well after much thought and discussion, we decided that on our "day off" today we would visit the hospital in St. Marc to visit with the patients and try to bring some encouragement! So we got there around 10:30 and started our "visiting" in the pediatric section of the hospital. Idk how I can paint an accurate picture of how things were... Of course the physical conditions were not at all what they are at a hospital in the states. There was 1 doctor in that section, only a couple nurses, and 1 civilian helping as well. We talked with the doctor who is actually a doctor from the States. He travels back and forth and works 6 months at a Childrens Hospital in Boston and 6 months at the St. Marc Hospital. Idk what they do when he's gone. :/ Anyways we started out with a little boy who the doctor mentioned would like some visitors. After talking and praying with him and his family we came back out to the main hall. There was a burst of activity in the hall and a lady walked by with a new (and I mean like VERY new) baby! At first we were excited and happy to see it... then she pulled back the blanket and our outlook changed pretty quickly. The baby had some MAJOR health problems. Her heart had grown outside of her chest. Not to mention most of her organs were not where they were supposed to be or had not developed fully. They called the doctor and he brought the baby to the table. Kate went over to see if she could help (she works in surgery here in the states) but the doctor explained that there was nothing they could do. :( Even in the states they could not have saved this little girl. The most they could have done would be to do surgery and give her a little more time. The dad and a few other relatives came up to see her and they took a picture of her. I've never felt so helpless in all my life! There's something really crushing about watching a precious little life die. I know this may be a very depressing post... but there is a bright side to it. This baby... that was so unfit to live and survive in this world, is now in the arms of Jesus! Whole and complete and happier than she ever could have been here. She will not have to go through any more pain, or suffering, or any kind of hardship. Jesus wiped away her very last tear!! I don't know about you all, but I know I could not have handled a story like this little babies WITHOUT Christ, and the hope He brings. I'm so thankful to be His child!

Well the rest of our hospital visits were a bit better though still not easy. It was an emotional day and we all had our little "breakdown moments" afterwards.

This afternoon Al and Bev, some friends of Chris and Leslie's who run a Children's Home nearby, brought some of the kids over to go swimming and visit! We had a good time talking and enjoying the wonderful warm ocean water. :) Now we're all relaxing with Chris and Leslie and drinking yuuuuuummy banana shakes! I HAVE to make these again when I get home. ;)


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