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Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 5

Well our previous plans to visit the UN did not work out.... as we were climbing the mountain our tap-tap broke down and we were unable to continue. :( So after walking back down to the bottom they got the tap-tap going and we got a ride home. Not sure if we'll have another chance to go while we're here. I hope so but we'll see!

Yesterday we went to Michel's church in PAP for the service. It was awesome seeing old friends there and worshipping with the Haitians. There was a guest group of about 20 young girls there and they did some special music which was incredible! They were very talented. :) I was also given the opportunity to do some music so we did Held (by Lori's request) and Revelation Song. For the Revelation Song me and Michel sang it in English and then to end it his choir kids, and whoever else knew it, sang it in Creole! How awesome to be able to praise the very same Lord in all different languages!! :) He really is an amazing God.

After church we were hoping to visit Heartline which is a midwifery clinic here in Haiti. Unfortunately the roads were closed to get there because of a water issue but we happened to run into one of the head guys of the ministry on the road, and he brought us to his house to meet his wife Beth who runs the midwifery program. It was great talking with her and learning more about their ministry! They really invest in the women there and change a LOT of lives!

Today, Kate and Lori are doing clinics with the kids here at Sue's. Katie is doing some schoolwork with them, and I'm going to go set up snack time for them and paint the girls nails. ;)


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  1. The Sunday service sounds amazing! :) Thanks for posting! Hope you all have an awesome day!