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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last day in Port au Prince

Well Lori wrote something about our last couple of days with the kids. And I'm going to add to it just a little..... well ok maybe a little MORE than a little. ;)
Our "plan" was to leave at about 8 in the morning on Tuesday to go to the land that Lori is hoping to get near Montrouis. Well as most of you know plans don't always work out just as you think they will here in Haiti. :P We got on the road at about 9 only to find that about 30 minutes into the trip, the main highway that we were driving on was blocked by protesters! And no not with cones or tires or signs or anything like that.... they had WELDED some big machinery to the road!! lol wow. So with that being the case, we decided to head back and wait it out for a few hours to see if it would be removed in time to stick with our plan for the sleepover that night. So back to Port au Prince we went to get something to eat and wait to hear news. By 3 o'clock, it was still blocked. :/ Michel called the kids at the church and the guy there told him that all the kids were praying together that the road block would be removed! They were so excited about this trip and we all felt pretty bad that it wasn't going to work. :/ Well we got to the church where they had all met up to leave at about 4, to talk with them and explain the situation. We told them that instead of the sleepover we would just go to Montrouis the next day and go swimming and such, then come back. Well at about 5:30 We got news that the road was un-blocked! Answer to prayer yes but by this time most of our team was exhausted from driving all day and NOT wanting to drive another 2-3 hours depending on traffic. :P But, they were troopers and we all loaded up and headed out! We got there at about 11 and headed to bed as soon as things were ready. :P We got up bright and early in the morning, and had a wonderful time singing and doing devotions with the kids. Michel asked us if one of us would share something so I asked if I shared one of my favorite verses and what it means to me, if some of the kids could do the same. That worked out really well and it was really neat to have that sharing time with them and hear what they had to say. :) :) After breakfast we headed to the ocean!! ahhhh it felt AMAZING to jump into the water and finally cool off!!! :) We swam for 2 hours straight and I had an absolute BLAST! :) :) During the swimming time Kate and Lori had opened it up to the kids that if any of them needed to talk about anything going on in their lives, they could come to them and do that. Many of them did and it was neat/heartbreaking to hear the stories. :( Many of them are my age and when I think about being in those same situations... I cannot imagine. But I am glad we were able to find these things out about them as it gives us a lot more specific ways to pray for them! And pray we will and also ask you all to do the same. They have so many challenges ahead of them as they grow up. So different from the challenges in my own life and in yours. But we serve a big God who is going to use them as they surrender they're lives to Him, to do BIG things for His kingdom!

Today, we're heading to heartline this morning, then to the Rollings water project for the remainder of this trip! Pray for safe travels for us! :)


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  1. Wow that's one crazy roadblock idea! :P Glad you guys got to have the sleepover...im sure the kids had a blast (just like last time!). Really wish I could've been there too! Have fun at the Rollings! :D Def one of my favorite places down there...


    P.S. Not sure how many people are following the blog as I am the only one commenting...haha but seriously I'm really glad you guys are posting on it! It is awesome to see what you guys are up to this trip! God bless!