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Sunday, March 20, 2011

This Sabbath day ends completely different than we had planned at all.
So glad that the words of Jeremiah echo in my mind....the plans He has for us
are surely better than mine.
With news of some unrest near the original place of worship this morning we
walked to a very nearby church and had a special time there.
This was followed by a fun filled day with the kids at Sue's place. Quite a lot
of laughter and song and crafts. Then-for the first time ever-movie night!
Incredible outdoor viewing of something about meatballs from the sky. Popcorn
and a sheet on the wall and all the kids had a lap to sit upon. It is something to
think this is probably a once in a lifetime experience for them.
(Thanks Jerry and Sharon)
We send a special birthday greeting to Logan and to have Michel call him was
a gift from Haiti.
All in all, we are just knitting together in a special way. We are feeling God in
a real closeness that does not always come through with the busyness of life in the states.
We are aware that for this moment we can give joy and hope to many who have not
felt God's embrace in flesh before. To be here with such a group is humbling. All
praise to Him!
Tomorrow we wake early to say some goodbyes to three of the group. We will drive
to the airport at six am ( and I am the wakeup committee). From there we will head
north to the water project. So much left to do. Can't wait to see how many ways the bags
deliver loaves and fishes and the opportunities that come our way.
Thanks again for sharing this journey.

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