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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Haiti - Day... I can't keep track anymore.

Hello loved ones and faithful blog followers. I don't have much time, but I will try and update you on what has been happening in Haiti for the last day or so.

To be completely honest I haven't been reading the blog myself, and this is only the second time I have posted, so I am very sorry if I repeat information that you already have. ;)

Yesterday was yet another fantastic day in Haiti. We're at the water project now and have been completing several jobs around the site that needed to be done. We had a task assigning meeting the first day we got here and delegated jobs. After morning prayer with the staff, team devotions, and breakfast, we were ready to divide and conquer. Lydia and I cleaned the Rolling's van which had been the target of a vicious arson attack 2 years ago. They finally got it back from the repair yard and needed it scrubbed out from top to bottom. Thanks to our upbringing of diligent cleaning, Lydia and I rose to the challenge and the van looks great. It was such a joy to be able to be a blessing to people who devote so much to others by doing something as simple as cleaning their van. While we cleaned the van, Luanne and Ellen cleaned a storage room which needed new organization. They did a wonderful job and you can now see what it all in there again! The boys worked in the work yard painting filters and loading them onto the truck for a delivery. Boy are we glad to have them all here. The completely filters weigh 160 pounds each and they load the truck with 34 of them for each delivery!!! I may like to think that I am strong but that is way beyond my abilities to load even one 160lb filter. I truly believe that this is one of the reasons that God assembled our team to have 4 young strong guys. We would not have been able to many of the things we have this trip without them. Thank you Matt, Tim, Ben and Jake for your willingness to share your muscles with the people of Haiti!!

We worked until noon and then had a lunch break. After lunch we loaded into a Tap-Tap (Yey! Finally!) and headed to Michel's school. Lori did a dental clinic for several teachers there and the rest of us scattered around doing various things. It was kind of a hodge-podge day but it was wonderful nonetheless. Tim flew kites and had one soring high until he offered for me to take it and it took a nosedive within 45 seconds. Opps. :/ Sorry Tim! Needless to say, I abandoned the kite flying station after that. We took on some home improvement projects at Michel's house as well. Ben and Jerry were building shelves and Caleb, Jake, Mallorie, Elizabeth, and I were priming his exterior walls for paint.

We came back and were treated to hamburgers for supper!! Ah! They were so good. Those of you that know me know that for some reason when I am here, the one food I miss is a cheeseburger. It was delicious. We ended the night with some music and dancing. Michel was playing some Latin guitar songs and Wendy and Evans were teaching the girls how to Compa, a Haitian salsa inspired dance. It was so much fun! What a great time to unwind as a team and enjoy the beauty of God creation as the sun set and the waves crashed on the shore behind us. It will be so hard to leave this place.

Well that is the update on the team yesterday. For me personally, the highlight of my day was hanging out with a very special little girl I met. Her name is Michlee and the first day I met her, she grabbed on to my hand and didn't let go. She looked up at me with her huge chocolate brown eyes and flashed me a smile that revealed the wide gap between her two front teeth. Even the coldest of hearts would melt. After I spent some time with her on the soccer field on Friday, she took me to see her mother. I told her mother that she had a beautiful daughter and she thanked me. Then she began to tell me something in creole that I didn't understand. I found Michel and found out that she was asking me to take her daughter as my own daughter. Ugh. My heart just sank to the floor. Lower than I think it has ever fallen. I would take this little precious girl in a heartbeat but the world doesn't work that way. Please don't think badly of this mom, because I don't think that this request came from a lack of love for her daughter but rather out of her extreme abundance of love for her. She knows that I could provide her with a better life, and even if that means she must be separated from her, it would be worth it. Please join me in prayer for this little family. My heart will forever be bonded to them.

I've talked too long again and need to get back to work. Thank you all for following us and continuing to hold us up in prayer. We will be home soon and cannot wait to see you all again.

Much love from Haiti!!


  1. Crying and praying also. I don't think I could handle it. Breaks my heart just to hear about it. I feel so helpless. Can't imagine what it's like for you. Thanks for posting and update us. (thanks to Mallorie and Elizabeth too) It gives such a wonderful connected feeling back here. I absolutely cannot wait to see you all! Only 2 more days.

  2. I just got a call from Lori and she wanted to let all of you know they are in the USA....just delayed in Miami. Due to a tanker fire at the Miami airport this a.m. all flights are delayed, some cancelled. They are hopeful to get on a flight yet tonight, Thursday, March 24th. Hope they catch a flight soon!