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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 4... What a trip!

Where do we even begin with today's blog? We started our day as just another typical day in Haiti. Going to Michel's church where we set up another day of clinics and dentistry work. There were so many people needing medical and dental attention that we unfortunately didn't have enough time to help out everyone. We handed out a whole suitcase full of bible tracts. All the Haitians were eager to receive our gifts with a smile. Many fingernails were polished, music played, soccer balls kicked, skin burnt, and photos taken. We headed to our last stop--Michel's mother's house. This is where the day really started. One little tid-bit of information... His mom's house is located off of the main road and on a back road (kind of). It was surrounded by palm trees and the road was just dirt (with a few puddles from the rain last night). After spending some time with the family, we decided it was time to head back to Sue's house. Or we thought it was. We all piled into the van when Mishap #1 occurred: dead battery. We spent about 20 minutes trying to get the battery to work again and we went to the old fashioned way of starting the car... push! After pushing for 5 feet, it started immediately (we're going to remember this next time we call Dad because the battery is dead--sorry Dad). Then... backing out of the driveway to get back on track, Mishap #2: knocked down a fence. Michel said it wasn't an "actual fence" but we put it back up anyway. While focusing on the fence, Michel was yelling at the driver "flat tire! flat tire!!," none of us really believed him, but sure enough it was as flat as a pancake. We weren't too worried when Michel told us it would only take roughly 30 minutes to fix it all. After performing skits--Matt's gym teacher squeaky voice, singing songs, Ben's trumpet playing, having a dance off (we got schooled by Haitians), learning that they all know Justin Bieber, holding many children, trying to understand Creole, trying to outweigh the bugs, hunger, and helping a 6 foot wide truck get through a 6 foot one inch opening between the brick wall and our stalled van, the tires were fixed and it was dark--2+ hours later! It was super hard to leave all the children who were clinging onto our hips, but we had to hop back into the van. We got to drive down the streets in the dark while munching on any food in the van. When we arrived at Sue's, a witch pot was full of rice and there was a variety of spicy foods for all of us to experience. Needless to say, today was an adventure in itself and we should all be in bed. Today was definitely the best day by far, for us at least. Hope you all are enjoying the blog site!
<3--Rachel and Carrie

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  1. Hey - this Blog site is GREAT!! Sounds like you guys have been doing ALOT to help the people & kids there! Like you said, "Alot of those kids just need someone to hug them or hold them". I'm sure that you are doing alot of that! TAKE CARE & enjoy your last few days in Haiti!!! Can't wait to see all your pictures & hear more about what your trip!!!