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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Haiti - DAY 2

On a cloudless, warm, inspiring Haitian day, our team ventured into a twenty passenger van to go to a church in Port Au Prince. Our van ride was an adventure in itself - we dodged bikers, drove on both sides of the road, and bounced every which way over potholes and gravel roads.

Once we got to the church, we set up areas to have a medical and dental clinic for the Haitian people. Children and adults patiently waited for the turns. While Lori was taking care of the dental work and Katie, Rachel, Carrie, Louanne and Annie were doing medical, the rest of the group was playing with the kids. We played a lot of soccer under the hot sun, and the majority of us recieved a good sunburn from it. Ben played disney songs on the trumpet, and Tim played worship songs on the guitar. It was so cool to sing in english and then have the Haitian people sing the same songs in creol and french.
After the day at the church, we were able to drive through downtown Port Au Prince on the way home. We parked the bus and were able to get out and see the capital building. We were shocked by the damage the building still has, but enjoyed our time buying paintings and other souveneirs to bring home.
Once we got back to the orphange we're staying at, we had dinner and then the darkness got the best of us. We all got tired pretty early because of the early start we got on the day. After some good conversations, good fellowship, and an intense game of uno, we're going to bed.


  1. Thanks for the update. I am hoping that photo is one of braiding being done and not checking for head lice LOL It's great to hear about your day and the opportunities God is giving. Whoever writes the update should give their name. It's fun to know who the author is. Keep us posted. Sending you love, hugs and prayers.

    Amy Seibel

  2. Love the update... Great to hear about your day!
    Be sure to take lots of pictures, Matt (and the rest of you, too!)!

    Prayers and God's blessings on your sleep and day tomorrow!
    Sarah Poss

    P.S. I agree with Amy, it would be extra fun to know who the writer of each post is. :)

  3. I have gotten up the last two mornings going right to my computer to see what is happening or happened in Haiti. This blog is a great idea!! I love having the pictures right away too. I am glad all is well and continue to pray for wonderful opportunities to be had by all. Keep seeking God and asking for the divine appointments.

    Love to all

  4. I agree, I'm checking daily to see how you are all serving. I'm so thankful for each of you that could go and be an encouragement and help there. I'm also thankful for this means of "going" with you.