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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hi again
did everyone wonder where we went?
Well, let me tell you who are on the edge of your seats----
We had so much fun and you will get following this some updates.
The group treated Michel's choir to an outing like they have not had before.
A gathering of us and thirty youth to have maybe the first such adventure like this.
Think of your favorite camp experience combined with your best retreat mixed in
with your most fun people and then stirred up with the Spirit and the Word-
Let Timothy tell you more
hang on for the ride with us.
Thanks all--we know you are with us on the journey.

Hey all, just a few words for you about the trip. We started off the day with a Bus ride to "the land". A piece of property outside Port-au-Prince where our team checked out the progress of their construction efforts. Some of the guys and I were able to play football (soccer) with some of the local boys and the rest flew kites.

After getting the bus unstuck and driving down a mountain :) we drove on a paved road all the way to Montrouis where Michel's school was. We stopped by the "pink palace," an orphanage a few blocks away the team had previous visited a trip ago.

That night, the choir group from Michel's church drove from Port-a-Prince to Montrouis for a sleep over with us. It was a special time for them to be leaving the city and having some fun.
The night continued with skits, campfire, smores, and glow sticks. Oh, and I can't forget the songs the choir sang. This is my favorite memory from the night. A beautiful moonlit night with a crowd of colorful glow sticks gathered around two guitars. Creole accompanied by a few Americans singing in their known tongue the same songs that mean so much to them. "Worthy is the Lamb who was slain. Holy Holy is He" (Revelation Song). All I can say is God was glorifed.

Noise... I hear people talking... What time is it? Those were my thoughts as I awoke in amazement. Amazed because it was somewhere around 5am. in the morning and the whole room erupted with voices and chatter. I cleared my eyes and saw the boys next to me going through their morning routines. I asked my friend Matt what was going on, still in disbelief of what I was witnessing. Matt confirmed it. I seriously don't know how they wake up that early.

Today we had a wonderful time of worship with the group and morning devotions. LueAnne gave a heart felt message followed by a teary word in Creole by Mitchel. The students with us were processing, and I pray that someone of them were able to be challenged an encouraged by it. We also were able to pray for the students.

Later, our Choir friends and the team walked down the road to the Roberto's house - In short the Ocean!! Our location was beautiful place, something out of a travel magazine. Palm trees, flowers, bright blue water, and lots of sun. A little too much for some of us. ;) Anyway, after another dose of sunscreen we cautiously climbed down into the warm water below. Unfortunately one of our own stepped on a Sea Urchin within the first few minutes in the water. Elisabeth, had to have her foot worked on by Lori and Kate. We swam till we had our fill and said goodbye to our Choir friends who headed back to Port-au-Prince.

We soon followed in our own Bus, pulling over to check our whobbling front tire, (we now have three out of the four whobbling :) ) and returning to Sue's house to a hot bowl of Pumpkin Soup. Man, they sure can cook!

Proofed and corrected by Lydia ;P :D


  1. Thanks for the update. We definitely need pictures of these last 2 days. Hopefully, they are coming. It sounds like a lovely vacation now get back to work--LOL!

  2. I love that you were able to cross the language barriers but then again worship and praise knows no barriers when it is lifted to God the Father. I wish you made a audio and that I could hear the praise and worship time. I am sure it was like I choir. I cried and praised the Lord when I read this. Song is truly universal. I truly believe that God was dancing and singing over all of you. He rejoices over His creation. I am sure you all were blessed but more the children were blessed and now have an example to follow for worshiping the Lord of all Creation. Holy is the Lamb! I am praising the Lord right along with all of you ;0)
    Praying still and I feel like we all are family now that I have been getting updates from all of the team. So my heart goes out to all of you and I am giving hugs to you all as well. Keep up the serving and keep doing it with Jesus' heart. Remember you maybe the closest thing to Jesus they ever meet. Be Jesus with skin on and love the people!