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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

After a breakfast consisting of eggs, toast, and coffee, our group piled onto the bus and began our journey to Sue's school in Leogane. Upon arriving, members of the group who had previously visited were excited to see that a new building had been put up since the former building had been destroyed in the earthquake. We began the afternoon by leading them in a some fun songs in which many of the students sang along in Creole. While some of the group members led the singing, others had a good time dancing with the energetic kindergarteners. Jerry took some great pictures and videos of the students singing and dancing. Once school was out for the day, we all pitched in to stain the wooden walls (while getting mercilessly attacked by fire ants!). To Matt's delight, we then came home to fabulous meal of mac & cheese, green beans, and mango (a favorite among many...esp Annie!). Our day ended with a relaxing evening filled with music, laughter, a refreshing breeze, and giant raindrops!
Until next time...Matt & Annie


  1. Thanks for the post. Love the pictures and all the info. Keep it coming. It sure makes us feel connected! MORE,MORE, MORE!!!

  2. Tell Caleb to be careful with the fire ants as he has had trouble with bee stings and his brother Miles was in the hospital 3 times with fire ant reactions to bites. Thank-you for the picture of Sue and SonSon. Great to see everyone!

  3. Great updates... been checking every day... thanks to all for helping us to stay involved!
    LOVE the pictures!

    Ha, ha! That's awesome, Matt. ;)

    A few minutes ago, I commented to mom that I hadn't asked you how getting through "customs" went for you guys. Josiah (age 12) thought I meant Haitian customs (e.g. food and traditions), so his reply was: I wonder what Matthew and the people find to eat down there. ;)