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Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Port Au Prince 2 days now...Amazing how large the city is. Vendors along the streets for miles and miles....everywhere you look trying to make a living (have food for just the day). Even with their burdens -quick with a smile. No street lights, no road rules, people running between the traffic...yet havent seen an accident yet! As it poured last night thinking about all the people sleeping(or not) in the rain. Parents possibly sitting on crates holding their babies as they try to sleep. Rejoicing with those who welcome the rain and mourning with those whose burdens become greater because of it. Medical clinics and street evangelism today.....truly exciting...Please pray that we will 'step out of the gates' with courage! Everyone needs that solid Rock! To God alone be the glory!! Isaiah 58:1-12 My love to those at home!....I love you all. Praying for safe travels for you my love (Keith:) ) See you soon xoxoxoxo LueAnne P.S. Elly Mae loves you all too! she will blog soon :

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  1. "And now, Lord... grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak Thy word." Acts 4:29
    Praying! :D