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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wrapping up Day 4

Seems I have taken on role of mom and blog writer. 
 We had a wonderful day of working in different areas today.  The guys (did I already say this?) are wonderful.  I truly have many stories about each of them.  I am taking a moment in the wait while rain is washing over the group and cooling them off.  (did someone say hot?!)  Oh, Webster sisters may be interested in how the early morning wake up is going...It was the first call today and has been talked about all day.  Gregg seems to have mastered it with having previous skill in that area!  The guys went on ahead to cook spaghetti.  I hope that goes well. ;) The teams have been challenging and the guys step up to the plate in sportsmanship.  The hours go quickly.  We cannot believe it is already Thursday!   I will be getting the group up early in the morning to do our first VBS.. Challise was a lifesaver in that category.  I hope to attach some photos soon.  
The sound system has created countless hours of ministry.  It all arrived safely.  God graciously brought us through with all suitcases.  There is a little homemade soccer field that was put together today right down from the guys house.  If the rain lets up they will be itching to try it out with the kids.  The uniforms look great as we give them out to teams each night. Nathan and Timothy have been doing music and tomorrow Logan is leading.   After VBS the choir kids are coming..  They will spend the night at a house here and play a basketball or soccer game with our group.  I hope we can make some phone calls tomorrow as well. Let me assure you all are safe and will be changed in some way when they return home.  We have so much to do! So many requests.  Pray that we will see the direction clearly for God would have us to accomplish during our time here  The young man I cleaned the burn for on last trip would like a visit.  He is healed physically now but is empty spiritually.  So many forces that are NOT bigger than our God.


  1. So thankful all arrived with you! Praying for wisdom in what to do each day and who to reach out to! God's blessings as you love on the people there! Challise

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of the vbs! So glad the microphone arrived safely