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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Final Photos from the Trip

Well here are the final photos from this past trip! Enjoy!! :) 

 Tuesday morning time together in God's Word at our house looking into the Proverbs 9 and Hebrews 11

 Tuesday morning clinic at the basketball court was more informal with some 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 play

Our last time together playing with the younger boys of Macdonald at their basketball court

  Tuesday midday on one of our last walks through the streets with the children on our way back to the house

 Tuesday late afternoon in a rain delay before our final championship basketball game - will we be able to play or not

After the rain stopped as the court dried off we did the drama called "Line-up" for those who were gathered to watch the game depicting Christ dying for our sins

 The singing of our national anthem before the final game with Lori as our standard bearer

Then the Haitians followed with singing their National Anthem with Metson- a joyful believer in Christ and also the "president" of Macdonald- holding the Haitian flag

    With the championship game finally underway we hit one of several 3-pointers in the first half to help build a modest lead

   A second rain delay during the second half of the game afforded some boys the opportunity to play a little soda bottle soccer

    With the game underway again another big rebound is pulled down to help seal the victory- one of many defensive boards that we had

    Our scoreboard - the chalk hash marks on the wall - show the final score of a well contested game

    A familiar scene following games and the last time we had an opportunity to congratulate and visit with our new friends

    Wednesday morning packing up to get ready to go home

   With the bus packed  and ready to go we make one last stop in Macdonald before hitting the road

  Not too far down the highway we have our first flat tire

 And a little ways farther we have our second flat tire

Another disappointment - after arriving with time to spare we get word from an airline official that our flight to Miami had been cancelled because of a tropical storm

And yet another time of waiting overnight in an airport begins - this time with the uncertainty as to when we would get to go home

The Lord at work through our experienced, gracious, & persistent "Mom"- with a cell phone borrowed from a helpful airport worker - to secure arrangements for our stay and an earlier flight home

Passing some of the early waiting time with a game of Uno

Wednesday night - the highlight of our evening in the airport was a sweet time of testimony & prayer & song - something we would have missed had our flight left as scheduled- what a rich blessing from the Lord

Thursday morning with our flight taking off from Port au Prince - farewell Haiti and thank You Lord

Thursday midday - we are on the ground and happy to be back in the USA

Enjoying that our cell phones worked again and calling family from Miami

With the rescheduled flights we had to leave a few of our teammates behind in Miami to fly in two hours later to join us again in Chicago

Thursday late afternoon - a loving reunion filled with hugs and smiles at OHare

Two and a half hours later another joyful reunion at OHare

Thursday night - our last walk together through an airport and ready for our ride home to WI

The sign we saw as we arrived at Spirit of Life Church in Fond du Lac - it says it all

Our final circle of brief testimony and prayer before we part ways - thank You Lord Jesus for a life changing experience

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