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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Whole Bunch of Pictures!

Friday eve - basketball game in Macdonald with the Choir Kids from Port au Prince

Friday eve ball game with the Choir Kids

Friday night after the ball game visiting with the Choir Kids

Friday night singing with some of the Choir Kids

Saturday AM opportunity for Timothy to share the gospel with some of those gathered at the basketball court

Saturday AM time with the Choir Kids helping bag laundry soap for the prisoners in St. Marc

Saturday Bible School time - doing the Lineup skit

Saturday Bible School time - doing the Mosquito skit for the children

Saturday Bible School time - loving the children with our play

Saturday Bible School time - loving the children with our touch 

Saturday Bible School time - singing with the children in Macdonald 

Saturday Bible School time - telling the children about how God's Word can come alive in them 

Saturday mid-afternoon soccer game against young people from the community 

Saturday mid-afternoon soccer game in Macdonald 

Saturday mid-afternoon soccer game when we scored one of our three goals - we won't say how many they scored 

Saturday night at Club Indigo for some relaxation and some more familiar food

Saturday night in the ocean at Club Indigo 

Saturday night supper together at Club Indigo 

Sunday AM on our way into worship in Port au Prince 

Sunday AM preaching on the need for strong men in the Lord to be leaders 

Sunday AM skit by the team 

Sunday AM worship in Port au Prince 

 Sunday bus ride with the Choir Kids to lunch after worship

Sunday lunch with the Choir Kids 

Sunday lunchtime - we have had a wonderful time with the Choir Kids - it has been a joy to join hand in hand with them - even literally with a little arm wrestling 

Sunday visit to Felix's home in Port au Prince - the young man with a special connection to the Seibel family 

This morning, Monday, Coach is feeling much better after a good night's rest 

This morning, Monday, on our way to visit at the prison in St. Marc 

This morning, Monday, waiting to go into the prison to minister in song, drama, witnessing, and giving out small gifts 

Tonight, Monday, both teams as friends after playing an energetic game under the late afternoon sun

"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to HIM be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen." Eph 3:20-21


  1. What a delight to see all of these pictures. Everybody looks so happy. Makes us all long to hear every detail. What a blessing you all are! Enjoy these last days.

  2. Did you have any lime-aid with those meals? The choir boys look great in those uniforms. I have to get a copy of that picture. Can't wait to hear about all the discussions

  3. Oooh man I could go for some limeade right now! Kate there's a "Haiti trip recap/sharing time" in the works for when this team gets back. You, Chad, and the kids should totally come! :)