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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Update on the first day from Lori!

We arrived to the village of MacDonald at about 8 last night.,  After getting ourselves partially set up and ready for the first night here, we did not have the opportunity to send out a message.  All air mattresses, batteries, flashlights, and immediate needs were taken care of.  I slept at Barbs who has graciously hosted me for this trip.  I was very cool overnight and had to find a cover for myself.  I hope the guys felt the same cool breeze.  I was up early with all the morning sounds of the village waking.  I do wonder if the roosters ever sleep here though!  I am going to walk over to the home where the men are at and begin the process of more unpacking and sorting.  We are going for a walk to show the area a bit in daylight and plan and prepare for the first basketball game tonight.  I think they are looking forward to that immensely /  they have all been so kind to me. I have barely had to lift a thing.  I might be a bit spoiled after this trip.  I will  be getting a phone later today and send another contact number.  We will have a few calls sent out soon.\Your prayers are coveted.  Bodne beni ou!   God bless you!   Lori

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  1. Don't get too spoiled, you need to keep those retracter arms strong!