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Monday, July 8, 2013

Rainy Weather and Clean Clothes! :)

We have had very little time with electricity due to the rain each night.  But, with the rain comes a very cool breeze!  Really.  Not just for me but even the guys say they are glad to have a sheet at night.  
We had a beautiful worship time in Port au Prince with the choir group. Long day though as everything takes so much longer than you plan for here.
  The group is allowed to go to the prison with me today and as I work on teeth I will hear the skits and music they have prepared.  It will be emotionally draining as the guys are getting tired.  I ask for prayer as they are starting to remember the wonderful things of home that are not here.  We got clean clothes back this morning and the guys were oohing and aahing over the clean smell. They are appreciating little things.  Like ice when we were at Club Indigo.  Honestly, I should have just forgotten food and gotten them each a pitcher of ice!!  
Some of the guys had their very first experience swimming in the ocean over the weekend.  We had gifts of mangoes and coconuts and the ever woody sugar cane. Quite the experience chewing that stuff if you haven't ever tried it. 
I could here the guys singing last night in my place and it lent me a smile for each of you moms who have shared and sacrificed to make this happen.
We have a basketball game at 5 and hope to add more pictures for you from the 4000 Nevin has taken.
It is an adventure and you are all part of it.
Gregg is feeling better, Nathan has a little sore throat.  Isaiah and all are eating well. Praise God!



  1. Thanks for the update! It was so good to hear about the group. We understand the eletricity and internet issues, and are thankful you got through. We are praying for all of you and are believing for open doors and changed lives through Christ! I believe the best is yet to come in the last days, so we will keep up the prayers. Someone give Zach a hug :) sorry bud, but even Alicia has been saying how much she misses you! :0 Prayers and Love to all, The Balken Family

  2. Yes! Thanks for the update! Such an encouragement to hear how things are going. We are especially glad to hear that Gregg is doing better as we've been praying for his healing. I agree with June; the best is yet to come and we will continue to pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit as you minister wherever He leads you in these last couple of day. And of course for safe travel HOME! Ten days is a long time for some of you. We assure you that you will be welcomed home with joyful faces and open arms!!!

    Seibel family

  3. Ptl..such an awesome update!! I can't wait to hug all my guys but so grateful for this time and how God is using you all there. We will keep praying. God Bless, Stephanie

  4. We are continuing to pray for strength and encouragement as you carry on!
    Challise for the Berries

  5. Wonderful update. We too are praying that the Lord will give you all the endurance to finish strong. We too are looking forward to that first welcome home embrace. Much Love to all. <3