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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Water Project

I haven't posted anything yet so far on this trip so I decided to take a few minutes now to share with you all some of what's going on.

Yesterday we got to walk with Sue's kids to their school and say our goodbyes. Although I plan to be back sometime, it's still so hard to say goodbyes! We then loaded up the bus and headed off to the Rollings. After arriving and unloading the bus we enjoyed a relaxing early afternoon and later got to up the mountain to the natural spring with Chris! It was so much fun! We all had a blast! Supper was amazing as well! We ended the day visiting and playing some games (yatzee and skip-bo).

Jeff left for the airport this morning and we are already missing him. He was an amazing addition to our group! I'm missing him the most cuz I'm now the only guy in the group. Thankfully I have Chris and Ryan to hang out with when I need a guy to talk to! I'm really enjoying getting to know both of them better. While Chris and Lori took Jeff to the airport, the rest of us got some projects done here at the water project. We mowed the lawn, raked leaves and grass, cleaned out the banana tree canals, painted filters, washed sand, etc. It was really fun to help out! Lunch was delicious as is all the food we get here. We seriously are treated so well! All of us appreciate the hospitality that we have received from Chris, Leslie, Ryan, and Sheena! This afternoon, I helped setup a computer for a friend of the Rollings while the rest of the team went to set up the medical supplies for tomorrow's clinics. It's been an amazing day!

God bless!


  1. make sure to say hello to all the workers for me. i miss them and hearing about there families. ruth, make sure they are using their legs and not there back; just like we showed them last time, haha. Have you had your banana shake yet ruth?

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