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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The group was out practicing their skit for Sunday night. It gets a lot of laughs no matter where we are. The timing is quite difficult but we should be ready. We are joining up with the church for a celebration with singing and other talents as shown above.

The children either love having a picture taken or else or shy or refuse. This little girl have obviously found joy in posing for us. After that she really liked riding on Jeff's tall shoulders.

Group photo on the journey...we are all still smiling and able to stand still for a few moments without children jumping up to be held. It is a great time together!

We renewed friendships as the nursing and dental clinics went on today at the church. Everyone was very happy to have time together.

On the way back to Sue's orphanage we stopped at the market that Americans shop at. It was a surprise to see something so familiar from home in the cooler. Most people here would go to market outside, along every road, and down each alley. We picked up a soda for everyone and it seemed like the greatest reward of the day.


  1. chad want to know if your bringing those brats home for the next brat fry. you should bring some "brats" to the rollings for a suprise. i'm sure chris would love them.
    ruth you look so pretty! I hope i see more pictures of you.

  2. Wow! Thanks for posting the pictures!! It was great to see them! The group picture had me confused for a minute-- short people are always in the front row, but where is Sarah??? She must be standing on a tall mound of dirt or a rock or something to be tall enough for the back row!!! Love you, sweetie!! Just had to tease you a little bit!
    It was great to see all of your smiles! Praise God for giving you the strength to do so much in Haiti!
    I love the Johnsonville brats picture, too!!
    Dawn Poss