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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Greetings from Haiti!

Just wanted to post a short update. Almost everyone woke up this morning feeling refreshed and well rested. We went out for prayer and Bible reading with the Haitian workers here at the water project and then had breakfast and devotions. The breakfast consisting of rolls, cereal, and coffee was great! After breakfast we loaded up the vehicles and everyone (except for me) headed to do clinics at a school near St. Marc. I spent the morning working on a project for Chris. He is growing some type of cactus that produces passion fruit. So I built a type of rack to support them as they get larger. It turned out pretty well!

Later this afternoon, Chris has agreed to take a few of us on a hike. Apparently it is a rather strenuous trip...but a few of us are really excited for some serious exercise.

Continued prayer for health and strength would be greatly appreciated!

Hope all is well back in the states!


  1. Hey team......I am definitely missing you all. Today was a weird day being back home. I woke up this morning vividly dreaming that I was still in Haiti. please know I have been praying for you to finish the trip well.......hope to see as many of you in the near future as possible!


  2. Thanks for the update Matt. I Hope everyone has a great return trip. They'll be plenty of white stuff on the ground to greet you. ;)

  3. I am so proud of you, Matthew! What a great guy you are! Praise the Lord!

    Tim is right-- the forecast says 3-5 inches of snow in the next 36 hours. It should be all done before you get to WI, so hopefully it won't delay your return home. We are praying for a wonderful last day in Haiti today and a safe journey home tomorrow!! Love you lots!!