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Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6th

Well, this is the first time I am posting on the blog, so we will see how it goes....Today was pretty hot out, got a nice tan! =) We went to a new spot today that not even Lori had been to, so that was interesting!! We did a medical clinic there, and I helped with that for the first time.... I counted pills, and put them in bags for a few hours, and although I LOVE the kids, it was nice to get a break, and kind of see how the clinics work. We also had big bags of rice and beans and oil that we passed out to the patients along with small bible tracts. It was also our first day doing an outside clinic, it has always been in a building, so it was a little more exhausting because of the sun. I must say, I absolutely love Haiti, and definately want to come back, but I am VERY sick of the bumpy roads, and no shocks in the bus!! Its getting kind of old, because the rides are usually long, but its definately better than walking, so I am thankful in that aspect! As much of a great time as I have had, I have seen a lot of sad things, and the living conditions just break my heart, and I wonder why I am so blessed to come home to America and such a wonderful roof over my head. I think the most difficult thing I have had to see and experience is saying "no" to people. I can't explain the breaking in my heart when a little child with no shoes points at mine, and then at thier feet. Or when they simply ask me for water..... I feel like crying just thinking about it. The kids at Sue's orphanage are sooo sweet, and I will be sad to leave them. It is a great thing that Sue has commited to, and I totally give her credit. Living in Haiti it not always the easiest thing, and I have only been here a week!! Love to all my family and friends at home!!



  1. I bet that cold shower a sue's felt great after beeing in the sun all day! (Does Tim have a sunburn yet? med-flasher joke) sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Wish I was there to sing and relax with you guys tonight.

  2. oh, don't forget bugspray either. that's just as important

  3. We are so very proud of you and your servants heart! God is molding you into such a beautiful woman, inside and out! Love you soooooo very much! Nate, Ash, Suze, Carl and Leo! =) XOXO

  4. Carey it was nice to here from you and we also feel bad for the people in Haiti they do not have to much to be thankful for.I think you will learn a lot about poor people. Love G and G Julie