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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello from Haiti!

We have internet (for now, anyway) and Matt got the blog back up and running! Hooray!

Jan. 2nd: After travelling to Chicago, the team enjoyed an evening in the airport. We talked, played games, and found unique spots to rest. I have some pictures to prove our resourcefulness. ;)

Jan. 3rd: Our travel adventure really began around 4am. Much to our surprise, when checking in, we were informed that a current embargo limited checked baggage to only two bags per person! Problem: We had five more suitcases than they would allow us to take. Solution: We began our first major team building exercise - fitting the important contents of those large suitcases into the other already full pieces of luggage. With the Lord's help,we successfully re-shifted everything and our luggage made it on the plane in time!

The rest of our travel was virtually uneventful, and we arrived in Haiti to be greeted by hoards of people! We politely, yet firmly practiced saying "NO" to the much too helpful Haitians, and loaded our luggage onto the bus that Ruth, Michelle, and Wendy had waiting for us.

Riding from Port Au Prince to Sue's place was the first of many, many exciting bus rides that we will enjoy while down here. We are all amply impressed by our bus drivers' talent. With sometimes inches to spare, they have capably driven us around, entered gated communities, and backed out of tight places, without bumping anything!

Jan 4th: Today we spent the day at Michelle's school (he's the principal there) where Lori and some of the others did clinical work helping the people with their different ailments. The rest of the group played with the energetic kids... ENERGETIC being the understatement of a century. :) The kids were not the least bit shy and we were immediately surrounded by them wanting to be held and hugged. We played soccer, drew pictures, and just played with them. They did get a little jealous if one kid was getting to much attention, but otherwise they were happy energetic kids and it was hard to say good-bye at the end of the day.

As for the clinic aspect, 5 of us organized many different medications on the stairs of the church making this our pharmacy. The patients were given numbers and called when it was their turn. Four different stations were set up and the patients sat down and told us their symptoms, of course with the help of a translator. Many patients came in with high blood pressure, anemia, flu, respiratory infections, ringworm, fungal infections and various other illnesses. The line of people waiting was long but they were very patient and appreciative. A man had a laceration from using his machete but it didn't require sutures! The gummy vitamins were a real hit with the kids.

Thanks for your continued prayers and God's blessings to you all!
Deborah, Alisha, Mary, & Sarah for the crew


  1. Oh my how did you ever squeeze more items into the pillow stuffed bags???? hope none of the baby food jars broke. Sounds like a great first day at clinic. Ruth, I know you are being a great nurse!!! wish I was there to play skippy

  2. Thanks for writing on the blog!! It is great to hear what's been happening.
    We are praying for all of you and appreciate knowing how you are doing.
    Love to all,
    Dawn Poss (Matt and Sarah's mom)

  3. I am so excited!!! This is the first time I have ever posted a comment here and had it work!! (I just had to send a second comment to tell you how excited I am.) Yippee!!!! Now I'll be able to "talk" to you throughout your trip!!

    Sleep well everyone.
    Dawn Poss

  4. Skip-bo was AWESOME! I won three out of four games. :) (Pastor Jeff and Michael claim they let me win, but Ruth and I know the truth. lol!)