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Friday, October 18, 2013

Learning flexibility :)

“You cannot come in” – That was our response as we sat in front of Saint Marc Prison this morning. All of our supplies had been freshly unloaded from the truck, including a heavy generator. It turns out today was a national holiday and the guard that had told us to come had forgotten about the day. So, our team packed right back up, and returned to the house in MacDonald. This was a perfect example of never being certain of plans made in Haiti. We did make the most of our time though. The ladies divided up the three large bags of laundry detergent for the prison into 450 smaller bags, and pastor Michel, Julio (translator friend) and myself (Timothy) went out to street evangelize. Both jobs were quite effective. This afternoon most of the team labored in dental and medical at the house. They were able to see many of the locals and missionaries. Tonight we are headed to an American couple’s house to have pizza! We’ve already had pizza once before, and we now get to have it again. I must say our dinners at night have been quite satisfying. Tomorrow is our last full day. The plan is to head to Michel’s school and do clinics there. Saturday we fly out! Prayer Requests: - Pray for a great last day tomorrow. That God would use us in any capacity for His kingdom. - Health mentally and physically. The combination of heat and long days can be draining. So far our team has been doing well. Please continue to pray. - Timothy’s hopefully going to share in the local school. Pray for wisdom and God’s direction.

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  1. Let me know if you guys see Itch, I love that little guy!