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Sunday, October 13, 2013

An update from LueAnne

  Hey all...Hannah did such a great job of updating...just taking advantage of the electricity and adding a bit more.
  Being here among the Haitian people has already brought such blessings. Spending time with the missionaries that live here and seeing their dedication  is truly inspiring. What a commitment!
  The ride from PAP was tough... it was very hard to see the road with the rain and glare of headlights. With Wes driving, us praying through it, as well as the great singing coming from the rear of the tap tap, peace covered us throughout the trip....in spite of hitting a stray goat and loose lug nuts, we did arrive safely!
  Due to the heat SOME of us slept soundly...and others not so much even though we were exhausted. HOWEVER spending time with Michel and Joanna's family and friends at the wedding shower on the beach was refreshing. We had ice available and I literally iced my shoulders, arms, and face... I could feel the ice melting at breakneck speed. I slept pretty well after that! Actually even covered with a sheet!!
  So enjoyed sharing the Gospel with the children this am. The three of us who stayed behind prayed for an interpreter to be present to spend time with the neighbors and, praise God, that is exactly what we received. We spent 2 hrs sharing, coloring, and doing chalk graffiti on the walls... Wrote Jezi renmen ou (Jesus loves you) and had the kids write their names which led to great conversation about God and His love :)  We enjoyed playing music with the kids at the children's home.   Love to sing songs  the kids know in both English and Creole...great bonding time!!!  
   Thank you all for your prayers and love... they carry us!!
   With love, LueAnne Bestul
   P.S.  Please be praying for us as we go out and do prison ministry and village ministry for the next few days...very full week ahead!

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  1. I wish I could see all those little faces and all that great artwork, priceless! Keep spreading Gods love.