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Friday, October 11, 2013

A busy first day!

  • Greetings from Haiti!! Just wanted to take a minute to update the blog and tell you all what is happening so far!! Yesterday after arriving at the airport, we were met with heavy rainfall and a locked door on one of our vehicles that we could not get open! After deciding it was just going to stay that way, we started the drive to the house where we we'll be staying in MacDonald. On the way we met with heavy traffic right in the heart of Port au prince and didn't arrive for another 6 hours!! Feeling very blessed in spite of the heat and bumpy roads on the way here! We all slept really well and today we finished getting settled in, visiting people, and following up on relationships formed from past trips! We also got to take a tour of their new school here in MacDonald. On our way home from the school we were heading down the hill and Brie said she didn't feel well. She turned white as a ghost and fainted right there on the path! It collected quite an audience! She is just fine now though, and has been downing the water ever since! 
  • We came across a man with a highly infected finger. The finger was so bad that it appeared to be almost to the point of needing to be amputated. Annie and Brie washed and wrapped the finger as best as they could and gave him some antibiotics. We were also able to provide money for him to go and get the shot that he couldn't afford that will hopefully take care of the infection. Metson translated for us while we prayed for not only his cut, but for his salvation as well. 
  • We will be doing some clinics and prison visits over the next few days. Hopefully we'll be able to post again soon!! Pray that our example of Jesus will be strong and that people will see His love through us! All glory and power to God our creator! Thank you!!
  • Hannah


  1. did someone say beef liver???

  2. was the finger patient in an accident? if not and if you see him again, I would ask questions about high blood sugar and other digit neuropathy.