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Sunday, October 13, 2013

An update from Hannah

Here we are again with more news on things that we have been doing here in Haiti.
So yesterday we had the opportunity to have a wedding shower for one of our beloved friends and translators Michel. We went out to a beautiful location on the ocean with a private beach and PLENTY of food. For some of us it was our first experience eating Haitian food. Rice and beans with goat and fish. Fresh avocados and fruit that they provided. It was a huge blessing considering it was our first complete sit down meal since we arrived. It was nice to rest up for the work that we knew was ahead of us. Also, a chance to catch up with old friendships that had formed from other visits.
The night before last we all had quite a bit of trouble sleeping due to very hot weather and mugginess. But God seems to know right when we need things most and provided a very cool evening last night and we all slept peacefully! Speaking of sleeping, we found a crab crawling around one of the bedrooms and decided to cook it and try some!! I am surprised though the crab didn't die from shear panic of all the frightened girls jumping around and yelling instead of boiling water!!
On another note we have been learning to still live without running water and electricity. Although, at times the power does come on and we all crowd the fan like kids around candy! It has been an awesome experience to see how people really live here in Haiti and to submerge ourselves in the culture by living like they do and not having the comforts of back home. I also think it has brought us closer together and really made us bond as a group.
We went this morning to a few different locations to do children's church. The first place we had around 30ish people and seemed to gather more the longer we stayed. We then went to one of the fishing communities to have another one. We had brought a craft along and were not sure if we had enough for all. Lori said we should just start passing out and the Lord would provide! Sure enough we had JUST enough for all the children and were able to give out the supplies to each one there!! To add to the excitement we had to ride motorcycles back to our house and got to really experience their transportation. It was great fun! Three of us stayed back to color pictures and draw with some chalk on the cement walls with the neighbor kids. We also were able to share the gospel with them and pass out some more gifts and tracts.
Overall today has been very rewarding and its great to see how God is working.
That's all the news we have for now but will hopefully be able to post again soon!! God Bless and we will all see you again soon!

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