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Thursday, October 18, 2012

When a clean water filter could save a village... It's called HOPE in a concrete box!

The morning began with 6 am devotions and then a gathering with the work group. The men from our trip were all sun screened and bug sprayed so they could jump on the truck at 6:40 to help with the water filter delivery.  

Left the rest of us behind to do clinics, and the ladies had a variety of odd jobs assigned.

They are an good group-- so willing and so available. We feel the strength of the Lord as we are up early and up late.  

This can be added to by the guys after they return from a trip that most people will never see: The people living in mud huts and trying to survive on the contaminated well water in that area. Truly lives are saved by their visit today with the clean water filters.
- Lori

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  1. Keep it up, dear friends! Praying God would encourage and strengthen you as you continue to spend your all being a blessing to others. Remember to smile! :)