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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Coming home, yet sad to leave... by Deborah

Today was a busy day for Lori and Kate. They did clinic work for the local people at Saint Marc again, similar to yesterday. There were many people that wanted to be seen, but unfortunately we were not able to see them all because of time. The rest of the team went to Bev and Al's place where we played Red Light/Green Light, did bubbles, colored and sang songs with the kids there. Tim and Ben accompanied the songs on their guitar and trumpet. The kids also had fun attemping to play on their instruments. Later on we took a walk to the town and visited with some of the people and handed out Bible tracts. 

Later this afternoon we had the sad task of packing our suitcases and getting ready to go home. Tonight, we will spend the last night here sharing our stories of the time spent here and the impact it has had on our life. 

Early tomorrow morning(5 am) we will be getting up and driving to the airport. We will also be bringing Antione and Ruth along with us for their first trip the America. Both of them are very exciting be coming with us.

- Deborah

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