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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hello all! It is now the weekend, and we all thought that we would finally get a day to sleep in, but instead we decided to wake up early and start our day off by snorkeling. Everyone had an awesome time and we all got to see the coral reefs of Haiti as well as many unique colorful fish, along with a slimy white baby octopus (We almost died from shock). Some of us also just spent some time working on our gorgeous tan(lines) that we will all get to show off when we return on Tuesday. We can't believe that our trip is coming to an end! After snorkeling, we were able to get together with some other missionaries around the area. These former American/Canadian missionaries were extremely happy to get their teeth cleaned/examined by Denise and Lori. For lunch, we had a pot luck with more than enough food that consisted of hot dogs, pasta salad, coleslaw, chips, bananas, brownies, and of course it would not be a haitian meal without rice and beans. After lunch, we just spent sometime getting to know each other and shared our famous skit. We all had many questions for the missionaries regarding their life transition to Haiti, which lead us into many great discussions about the Haitian culture. We then spent some time just relaxing, some taking multiple hour naps, and some cleaning the deck off that we spent all of our time on. Tonight we will be eating Sloppy Joes and will just be relaxing and preparing to have a blast tomorrow with the church youth group that we spontaneously planned because we are all so close to these boys and girls. Thanks for reading the blog and have a wonderful weekend!!

Carrie and Alisha

Alisha- Yes, mom I am still alive!! Love you and see you Tuesday!


  1. Just wanted to post a quick comment that Dave and I are safely back home. Tomorrow will be spent at the funeral and with family. We were sorry to have to leave the team early. Blessings to you all as you complete this mission. An e-mail will go out to Lori and maybe I'll have time to send one to Jerry, also. Thanks so much for all the support through our loss.

  2. Oh dear, sorry to hear that the Smiths had to leave early. I am praying for them. What happened?

  3. Hi Guys - Dave here. Being at Karen's cousins funeral was a blessing to us. My mom (in-law) had both her daughters, all her grandchildren, and many of her great grandchildren with her as we celebrated the life of a very special person. We keep you in our prayers for the clinic you'll run at Barbara's school today, and for safe travel tomorrow.

  4. Don't know where my post went which asked Jerry about the possibility of bringing back a few things for us, if the group gets a chance to buy a few things from the Haitian people. (ex. a broom/wooden box/small figure of a Haitian woman) We had to leave so quickly, that we missed that opportunity. Not very important, but worth a quick request.