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Monday, May 21, 2012

The beautiful children of Sue's orphanage.

A great time taking the youth out for a meal! 

Youth sharing at Michel's church.


  1. that resturant looks very US. I bet the choir kids loved it. michel you look so handsome and quite the ladies man in that picture; too bad you're already taken! were is my Ruth?! I want to see some pictures of her beautiful smiling face.

  2. Ahhh love the pictures! I miss everyone so much! So glad you all had a good time and can't wait to hear ALL about it soon! :D

  3. Glad to see everyone had a nice Sunday with the chlidren. It really looks like they had a great time. How did Monday go with the first day of the clinic? Did you treat many children. Keep the pictures coming. We really enjoy seeing them,
    The Wolfelds

  4. It looks like everyone liked the small photo albums-- what a nice gift!! Great idea, girls!!

    It's Wednesday now, so one of you in Haiti better write some more soon! We love reading about what you all are doing!
    Love, Dawn

  5. Kate: The Restaurants was a welcome change from Granola bars. The kid's had an absolutely wonderful time, it was a really great setting for me to get to know some of them. But it was apparent that they had to cut some corners to keep the pricing in the upper-upper-class Haitian range. But they definitely did the best with what they had. Michel is quite the Lady's Man I wish you could have seen him today: he was decked out in his John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever best.

    Lydia: I'm glad you're enjoying the pictures. I wish that you could have come, I'll probably be along in January, so hopefully I can get to know you then. I can assure you that you are sorely missed by the whole gang.

    Wolfelds: Sunday was quite the experience. The church really embodied the impassioned-preacher-with-old-ladies-fanning-themselves-and-saying-amen vibe. The clinics went well, if a bit crazy, the first day. We treated quite a few children. Sadly many of their problems were caused by undernourishment, but there was definitely a lot of good done for them on all fronts.

    Dawn: Everyone loved the photo albums: those girls are so smart. Jeff, one of the children, came up to me to show it off. I hope the blog post today was enough to tide you over. I'll pass along your well wishes to Matt and Sarah (who only exhibited a brief flare-up of sibling rivalry I'm happy to report)