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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Getting Ready

It always seems like we are in the packing stage - preparing for the trips takes some time and effort to happen.  Well before leaving for the mission itself, correspondence to the missionaries and translators begins.
What are the current needs?  How can we help?  Where can you use our group, talents, efforts?
Items needed begin to be collected.  Packages and extra weights removed.  Suitcases lined up. Numbered. Tagged.  Weighed.
A big thank you to so many who come along side and donated just what is needed.  We never take lightly the efforts of your hearts and wallets. 
Our suitcases, which become closets once we leave, are filled to the specified weights with just the things needed for the people we go to.

There are so many stories to share of something packed as perhaps an extra gift was "just the thing needed."

Numerous times the things we thought we would run out of became more than enough.

How does this all happen?  God.  To Him be the glory.
And for you who are His hands and feet.
Sharing hope. 


  1. Are you talking about some honey? Haha. Excited to take this journey with you via blog!

  2. Hi Lori! I'm so proud of you! You're such an incredibly strong woman! I'm sure you're there helping others and changing lives!